Miyagi University’s Real Asia Program in Vietnam #5

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Miyagi University’s
Real Asia Program in Vietnam #5
11 – 23 September, 2014


This is a program developed by International Center of Miyagi University. The object of this program is to provide living abroad experience to Miyagi students and from that experience the students can develop understanding and perspectives about living outside Japan. Moreover, they can become a connection between Japan with other Asian countries and having an opportunity to develop them self in an unfamiliar environment. Recently, Vietnam is the counterpart of this program with the cooperation of Minh Tran Hi-Tech Company to provide support in coordination and forming connection with other Universities to expand the program in the future.


Acecook Factory Study Tour

Tra Su Cajuput Forest/Chau Doc

Cultural Exchange at An Giang University

Exchange party at Minh Tran

Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing

Visiting Dentsu Co.,Ltd

Going to Hoi An

Going to Da Nang

Study Excursion to Catou Village

Visiting Hue Heritage Sites

Cultural Exchange at Hue Foreign Language University

Visiting Phuoc Tich Ancient Village
and DMZ Tour to Quang Tri Province