Social Activities

Collaborated with the volunteer organization “Vietnam Friendship Citizens Association” to launch a campaign to send used sewing machines to Vietnam. Donated 1,000 used sewing machines collected from the general public to Vietnam.


Established the first private business school in Vietnam, Tri Dung Business School.


Cooperated with private companies in Japan to donate 100 wheelchairs to hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Initiated a special training course for female business executives in Vietnam.


Assisted in the construction of a model nursery in Ho Chi Minh City.

Collaborated with the volunteer organization “Vietnam Friendship Citizens Association” to raise funds for the expansion of Hoa Zua Nursery in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta. Donated 1.5 million yen from the general public to the nursery and provided on-site guidance for the design and construction of the expansion, which was completed in 1996.

Coordinated with the Tuatinfhue People’s Committee and the Dai Tong Life International Cultural Fund to contribute to the construction of Vinh Ninh Elementary School through donations. Acted as a coordinator for the Daido Life International Cultural Fund.

Established a special scholarship program at Tri Dung Business School to encourage students to study technology and management.


Translated the autobiography of the late Honda founder, Soichiro Honda, into Vietnamese with the desire to convey the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship to Vietnam. The Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology purchased approximately 3,000 copies and donated them to universities nationwide.


As part of the East Japan Earthquake reconstruction project, conducted annual student visits to Vietnamese society in partnership with Miyagi University since 2011.